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Twitter Marketing To Boost Your Business Growth

Twitter Marketing To Boost Your Business Growth





As the world’s second most popular social networking site, Twitter is a marketers’ dream. 

However, some people still see Twitter as a teenager’s platform to share what they had for lunch and what they bought at the mall. The stigma around Twitter is that it’s all twaddle and nonsensical conversation, without any real-world bearing. 

The majority of the Twitter users are far from that very small portion. From some of the top Fortune-500 companies and internationally ranked businesses, Twitter is a multifaceted media platform that provides marketers the ability to engage in real-time dialogue with customers, promote products and create buzz.  Twitter marketing can truly boost your business growth…

1. Have an Ear to the Chatter 

The Internet is king. Whatever needs to be said, posted, shared or argued about is online. The world’s pulse is rhythmically beating to the tune of wi/fi. Twitter’s beauty is the fact that it’s an instantaneous connection to the collective conversation. 

Twitter offers an incredible insight into what your customers, competitors and colleagues are thinking, saying and feeling about you, your products and your image. 

2. Connect with customers 

Twitter is the equivalent of sitting down with all of your customers at once over a cup of coffee. The intimacy and relationship building is what separates Twitter from any other social media available. 

At its root, Twitter is a conversational tool. 

Pose questions to your customers. Challenge the Twitterverse to improve your latest product. Listen to what they have to say about your customer service representatives. Provide a safe place for your customers to register complaints and genuine feedback. 

3. Connect with businesses 

Create new B2B connections through your Twitter page. The best way to begin these new relationships is to follow industry leaders and companies that you respect. Engage in thoughtful Twitter-banter, and as often as you can, Re-Tweet relevant Tweets. 

Twitter broadens your scope: you’ll stumble upon industries that you may have never considered as a potential partner or inspiration for business practices. 

4. Promote products 

Though this list seems to be in no apparent order, but it rather is. These four reasons outline why marketers need to have a Twitter presence, but it/s also a blueprint for success and how you need to approach your account. 

Promotion or creating a buzz should be the very last thing you tackle in the Twittersphere. After you’ve focused on listening and connecting, then promoting your products becomes a part of the conversation rather than a blatant or cheesy attempt to drive sales. 

Twitter is an on-going conversation. Would you ever ask a new acquaintance to borrow their car on the very first meeting?


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5 Ways To Convert Your Clients On Twitter

One of the main objectives in creating an attractive and interactive landing page for website visitors is to successfully convert them into loyal customers.

The same can be applied on Twitter. Social media marketers use good quality content, appealing visuals and other techniques to encourage users to follow and be part of their campaigns. It is essential to understand how Twitter users think and how demands in the market are created through information introduced to them.

How do you turn your regular Twitter followers into potential clients?

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1. Provide an explanation

Aside from simply introducing activities and products on Twitter, provide thorough explanations and give the specifics on why they should avail. Show the relationship between your posts and field of expertise.

Although customers already have some ideas on the topic, it will help to provide more details which will also encourage longer conversations and bring new content and material. Take time to answer questions or break down the issue into smaller subtopics for the target audience to understand it better.

2. Keep it simple

Provide simple and easy solutions to the demands of social media users. Give them step-by-step instructions as necessary or provide options depending on their capacity and available resources. Make sophisticated issues simpler, which will invite more people to listen to your advice. It also gives the idea that you understand the issues well, which is why you can give convenient approaches and alternatives.

3. Create mystery or controversy

Some of the most engaging or retweeted posts usually involve a controversy or fresh news. People are more likely to engage and follow you on Twitter since they intend to know more and get regular updates.

Consider how the topics affect a particular community or audience then provide them with the details. You can convert Twitter users into loyal followers or clients by giving reliable and good quality content. Use creative words that are easy to read and immediately spark interest.

4. Choose a side

When talking about events, people, brands, etc, try to share your opinion by taking a positive or negative side. It creates more controversy as well as helps you determine which people are siding on your and which ones are taking the opposite view. Convert those who share the same views and opinions by sharing well-researched content and exchanging ideas.

5. Proper timing

Learn when to post or tweet based on the regular log in times of the target audience. You can better communicate with key users as well as engage in regular conversations with them if you schedule the dates properly. When launching hashtags or other Twitter activities, ensure that relevant users can participate to successfully convert them into loyal clients as well as bring in more potential followers.

Maintain your relationship with loyal clients and thank them for participating or availing of your offers. Provide an opportunity for them to share feedback about your campaigns and tweets. Respond accordingly and in a timely manner.

Understanding the habits and manner of thinking of the target audience will help you come up with specific content that they will be interested in.