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Discover A Web Traffic Report

Discover A Web Traffic Report





How do you get a web traffic report for your website? There are several free sites and paid services that can help you with this and they vary widely in terms of what they offer and how much they cost. In order to get them up and running, all you need to do is copy a code that they provide you into your website pages, which allows you to keep track of your visitors. 

Some “stat counters” include Google Analytic, Free Stat Counter, Stat Counter, Website Hit Counters, Free Hits Counter, or others. These offer a basic traffic report for either no charge at all (if you don’t mind adding a sponsor to the traffic counter that they place on your website) or for a small fee if you exceed a very large amount of visitors per month. 

You can also hire someone to manage this aspect of your website. An analytic service can give you valuable data about the traffic on your site. Not only how much traffic you get, but where you get it from, how you find it, which pages are being visited, who are repeat visitors, which visitors convert to sales, and more. Either way, many web analytic  services provide very useful web traffic reports with information such as the amount of unique visitors to your site, or breakdowns of traffic by geographic location, pages viewed, referring websites, etc. And many services also offer reports on what terms visitors entered into their search engines, (Google, Yahoo, or MSN Bing), in order to arrive at your site. They can even report on technical information about your site’s visitors, like what browsers or operating systems they are using. This information can be very useful for web designers. 

Certain stat counters go even further, allowing you to really segment your visitors. So, for instance, they may offer reports that analyze only visitors that came from a particular referring site, or only visitors that arrived at your site through a particular advertising campaign, or only those visitors who made purchases. You may even be able to get an in-depth look at how each visitor pages through your site. 

If you have an online business or e-commerce site, you can have your traffic broken down into certain steps, like “who filled out a registration form, who put something in their shopping cart, who got the the checkout page, and who actually paid for the product or service. You can also use an analytic service to track how well your PPC (pay-per-click) ads or doing or how well your email campaigns are going so you can make decisions on which ones to use more often. 

If you go even one step further, you can invest in a web analytic service that not only provides you with the data, but also tells you what to do with it. These types of services not only offer an advanced and detailed web traffic report, but also the coaching and consultation that you might require.


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What Secrets Allow Anyone To Make Money Online?

What Secrets Allow Anyone To Make Money Online?




Are you struggling to make money online and have started wondering what the secrets are that allow anyone to achieve this goal? Then you are in luck because you are about to learn what the secrets are that will stop your struggle and get you started on the path to success. 

One of the secrets is to know how to build a business. Anyone that is earning money online knows that this goal will not be accomplished without an education. 

There are so many different things that you have to learn if you really want to earn money on the internet. Taking time to learn one thing at a time is the best way to ensure your dream really will happen for you. 

There isn’t anything in life that can be accomplished if you don’t first learn how to do it. The same is true for business. So, the more your remember that and get the education you need, which can be done for free online, the easier it will be for you to earn money from your business. 

A second secret is taking action. You can learn until you overflow with information, but if you don’t take action, you will never succeed. 

The most important action to take is marketing so you can spread the word about your business. The more you are able to market, the more traffic you will receive and this means that more money you will be able to make. 

There are so many different methods that you can use to spread the word about your business. You want to educate yourself on using them one method at a time. The get it set up and going effectively to get traffic coming to your business. 

All of the different methods you want to have working effectively to bring traffic to your business over time include: 

– Article marketing 

– Social networking 

– Blogging 

– Forum marketing 

– Pay per click 

– Link building 

The third secret that is vital to success is the right mindset. Too many people try to build a business and earn money with it, while having the mindset that they are going to fail, no matter what they do. 

If this is the mindset you have when you start your business, then you can count on this coming true. You have to start the business knowing and believing that you will earn money and before you know it that is exactly what you will be doing. 

You may have a hard time believing this secret, but with time, as you try to earn money on the internet; you will start believing it since you will very quickly see how true it is for anyone. 

Knowing these secrets puts you one step ahead of many other people that are trying to make money online. Now you just have to be smart and use the secrets to help you achieve the most success with your business. The sooner you start using these secrets, the sooner you will be living your dream of earning money.


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Could You be a “Social Sheep”?

Are Tired of Your Social Media Posts Disappearing ???????


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Action tip on conversion rate optimization : Color Psychology

 Action Tip on Conversion rate optimization



If you’re unfamiliar with the term, here’s the best way of phrasing it: Traffic generation is what you get. Conversion optimization is what you do with it. Turns out, what you do with what you get is significantly more important than how much you get. Increasing your earnings per visitor by $1.07 can have a way bigger impact on your revenue than just increasing your traffic by 10,000 page views per month (which, by the way, is a much simpler task).

To get you started with conversion optimization, here’s a giant list of 101 valuable, action tips on conversion rate optimization, divvied up into five sections: color psychology (what colors convert best), copywriting tips (what words and writing techniques help you sell better), sales funnel & landing page streamlining (making the conversion from visitor to dollars in the bank simpler), split-testing (seeing what works), and a few miscellaneous general tips.

These tips go beyond the general “have a professional design” — these are actionable, specific steps you can take to improve your website conversions today. I highly recommend that you bookmark this page and refer back to it constantly.

Ready for it? Let’s begin! Today we will cover Color.. Over the next few days I will bring you the rest……


Color Psychology



  • Different colors mean different things and convey different emotions.
  • Yellow grabs the attention of Internet “window-shoppers” and works best with youth.
  • Red creates an emotion of urgency (great for limited-time sales and discounts).
  • Blue promotes trust, security, and relationship, which is why banks often use the color blue in their logo.
  • Orange works best for call-to-actions (buy now, subscribe, etc.)
  • Pink is for the ladies (appeals to feminine nature and is associated with romance).
  • Black is expensive and for the wealthy. As it turns out, black sedans are more luxurious than blue sedans because, well, they’re black.
  • Purple calms people down. It’s a favorite with anti-aging product vendors, but aside from that it’s a pretty rare color for the web.
  • Red, orange, black, and light blue are for the impulse buyers — the people who buy something just as soon as they see it. Those colors are for you if you market “fun” items.
  • Dark blue and teal (teal is a bit of a cross between blue and green) are for the sensible shoppers who maintain strict budgets.
  • Pink, rose, and very light blue are for “normal” buyers, the guys and gals in between impulse and budget.
  • Red produces 21% more squeeze page conversions than green (in certain niches).
  • Kids are more affected warm colors (red, orange, yellow) than by cool colors (black, brown, green).
  • Males like bright & ecstatic tints.
  • Women like soft & soothing shades.

Join me tomorrow where I will bring to you Copywriting tips.

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