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My name is Darren Doud, I am an Internet Marketer, trying to go full time. I am an IT guy during the day and a High School football coach by night. I want to go full time in IM so I can focus more time on my family and football. I love doing IM and love to help people succeed in the IM industry.

I got into Online Home Based Business in 2013. I got into it because I knew there was a better way of making a living. There had to be a way to gain my time back. I am slowly seeing how I can accomplish this by being in a Online Home Based Business.

MOBE is short for My Online Business Empire and it’s online business that was developed by our friend Matt Lloyd.  It’s a high ticket affiliate sales program with built in traffic coaches, mentoring, sales teams, phone team, and MUCH more. You can earn 1k, 3k, 5k commissions with MOBE . It’s a revolutionary way of building a business online through the licensing model and duplication model – similar to a franchise model, you acquire the license to run the business which you then only need to duplicate success of other successful business owners by following the exact 21 steps system laid out in your training area. We’re so excited to have found MOBE and are looking for people to partner with us.


Benefits of My Top Tier Business:

  • Personal one-on-one coaching from one of the Top-Tier Business coaches (all who make 6 figures + a year).
  • A dedicated phone team to follow up and call your leads handling the selling for you.
  • Information products to show you exactly what you should be doing step by step to produce results.
  • A fully automated sales funnel- – – You just need to drive traffic!
  • Sell just 5 MOBE licenses a month and get a Mercedes paid for YOU!

The one thing I’ve seen over the years working with my coaching students and building my own online businesses is the fact that so many people struggle to make this business work.

The fact is it actually isn’t that hard, but……most people just don’t know where to start and end up suffering from information overload.

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Introducing the Only Home Based Business Directory and Marketing Platform

Here at http://www.adgrabber.biz we are very proud to  announce our Members Business Opportunities. Today we are giving a shout out to Sharon Remeikis  of Maryland, New York.

AdGrabber.biz, wishes Sharon much success in her ongoing and profitable business venture.  If you would like to message Sharon..just click here.

Sharon Remeikis


In 2011 Mrs. Remeikis founded EZMobileAds.net a National Internet Marketing Firm located in Baltimore, Maryland.
Mrs. Remeikis wanted to give back
to other small business owners in the community in offering local Internet Marketing Services. As a business owner herself, Mrs. Remeikis learned quickly the struggles that other business owners were having in their day to day operations in running a successful and knew she could help lessen the burden and offer quality Internet Marketing Services which include Search Engine Optimization, Local Search, Social Media, Web Design to mention a few services at
a more reasonable price than other companies that in some cases were charging twice as much for the very same service.
“You have to change with the current market conditions in order to attract potential clients while offering value and quality services at a more competitive price in order to be competitive.”
Feel free to contact EZMobileAds.Net if you would like to improve your overall bottom line. If we can help your business, we will.
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Sharon Remeikis

EZ Mobile ads
Taking Business to the Next Level
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Adele & Christina
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WOMAN: Mineral Cosmetics VS Traditional Cosmetics

 WOMAN: Mineral Cosmetics VS Traditional Cosmetics


Mineral make-up has been around for more than thirty years already. However, it is only recently that mineral cosmetics boomed into the beauty market.

But what exactly is mineral make-up?

Mineral make-up or mineral cosmetics are products that are made up of all-natural, finely ground minerals that can be found on the earth. Unlike traditional make-up, this variety doesn’t contain any chemicals, nor any unnatural dyes, and preservatives. Like traditional cosmetics, mineral cosmetics come in various forms and prices. However, the most popular among this kind of cosmetics, are the loose powder foundations and blushes. These powders are light and finely ground loose minerals that are used on the skin with a wide, fluffy brush. The prices range from an affordable $10 to a more luxurious $50 per product.

What’s great about mineral cosmetics is that it’s light, natural, and long-lasting. These effects cannot be duplicated by any other kind cosmetics. The main ingredients of mineral cosmetics are mica, zinc oxide, and titanium oxide.

Mineral Cosmetics  vs. Traditional Cosmetics

Mineral cosmetics, like any other kind of cosmetics, can cause skin problems. However, because it eliminates the irritants – like fragrances, binders, preservatives, and synthetic dyes – in traditional make-up, it can be milder and kinder to one’s skin. Because make-up sensitivity is usually caused by synthetic dyes, preservatives, and fragrances, any kind of make-up that doesn’t include these in its composition, also eliminates the problem.

Also, titanium-oxide and zinc oxide are both minerals that contain anti-inflammatory properties. So this kind of make-up has a calming effect on the skin, which is really important if you have skin problems like acne or rosacea. Mineral cosmetics are also non-comedogenic. This means that it doesn’t clog pores and doesn’t aggravate any acne condition that a person may have. It doesn’t also cause a flare-up as easily as other cosmetics can.

Another thing that’s great with mineral cosmetics is that it has a level of sun protection. Because of the two main ingredients previously mentioned, mineral cosmetics have a protective effect against the harmful rays of the sun. Titanium Dioxide and Zinc Oxide are both ingredients found in traditional sunscreen. However, putting on mineral make-up doesn’t complete you completely. Thus, you need to put regular cream sunscreen under your make-up for maximum protective boost.

However, consumers need to know that not all mineral cosmetics are the same. Actually, they fall into two general types: first are those mineral cosmetics that go out of their way to take care not to use any kind of synthetics, like Paraben preservatives and other fillers, so as to stay true to the first and primary intent of providing pure, mineral cosmetics; second are those that add some fillers, binders, colors, preservatives, and other chemicals into their mixture.


Hope you enjoyed the article like I did.  Love the research.. Never truly knew the difference! Learn something new everyday!! 🙂 Let us know your thoughts!! Please comment or tweet below!!


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Article source


Something to think about…

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Promoting To A Lady Versus Dealing With Men


Promoting To A Lady Versus Dealing With Men




I found this interesting article  Promoting To A Lady Versus Dealing With Men I am very interested in hearing what you have to say.  Please leave feedback below… this should be very interesting to hear!!


The salesperson speaking to a male client does not have to concentrate significantly on looks and cleanliness. It is okay if he does not have the necessary documents on hand and his sleeves are folded up. But when exactly the same salesperson is referring to a female client, he needs to be spotless from head to toe. He should comb his hair appropriately, have manicured nails and even his shoes must be well-polished. The salesperson should be prepared with all of the necessary documents just before hand and shouldn’t go rushing in front of the customer. Women seek perfectionism. 

Words needs to be spoken with extra care in front of a woman customer. Women are better listeners and they are going to analyze each spoken word. A lot of emotion ought to be involved in the chatting due to the fact girls are drawn to emotions instantaneously. Like when selling clothes to a lady, tell her how you are going to feel poor for her if she has to sweat badly inside the summer because of her nature of job. Choose a great cotton dress for her and ask her to attempt it. The customer am goin to be extremely touched and will take much less time to buy the item. Seventy five percent of the job is carried out if she is won emotionally. 

Next important point would be to in no way stop chatting in front of the female customer. The moment the salesperson stops conversing, she will start thinking deeply about the item and will start off examining each and every detail of the product and will give a second thought to the item. Women have the capability of multi-tasking. They’ll have the ability to listen also as go through the manual at exactly the same time. So maintain her involved into many points at any given time. A man lacks the talent of multi-tasking. If a male client gets involved with some thing else, stop speaking instantaneously simply because he am goin to be unable to concentrate on both the things and it will lead him into a confusion state. 

Another point to be taken care of is, it’s not a fantastic idea to have a woman salesperson when a male client is to be handled. Women speak a good deal and men are negative listeners. The woman salesperson will go on and on concerning the item and the man will just nod his head not having acquiring any meaning out of it. They’ll not able to express properly no matter whether they’re finding the point or not. But on the other hand, a woman client could quickly express how much she has followed. Even if they don’t speak it out, her facial expressions will tell it all. So when a salesperson is dealing having a female customer, he or she really should watch out for the client’s expressions. If she shows any state of confusion or dislike, try taking a diverse technique. 

Men customers can certainly be created to comprehend concerning the product by basically drawing the outlook of the product using a basic pen and paper. Men have a good capability of imagining the three dimensional images of the product that happens to be becoming referred to. But ladies are not so excellent that.


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5 Key Benefits of Business Web Directories

5 Key Benefits of Business Web Directories


Long before search engines like Google and Yahoo were created, web directories were popular. These directories contained links to a wide variety of different websites and categorized them in a way that allowed visitors to quickly and effortlessly find the information they needed. Business web directories offered the visitor a quick way to access the goods and services they need.

However, few people realize the importance of web directories as it concerns individual businesses. Web directories are very important for businesses who are looking to increase their exposure and draw more attention to their products. Today, we are going to cover the five benefits of business web as seen from the businesses point of view.

Ability to Target Your Interest

One of the most important functions of business web directories is the ability to offer visitors links that are categorized according to geographical region or interest. The key to any marketing campaign is to target the product or service with the demographic that is the most likely consumers of the product or service. Business web directories allow visitors to drill down to the services they want according to a number of factors which include geographical location or products offered. This allows the business the opportunity to target the customers who are more likely to buy the product offered.

Better Quality Traffic

Search engines accept and list just about any site that is submitted to them, regardless of the site’s quality. This can result in poor and unproductive traffic. Business web directories on the other hand are usually reviewed by editors to ensure that they are of the highest quality and relevance. This high standard of quality builds a loyal clientele for the web directory, which results in better quality traffic for your business.

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Better Relevance

Business web directories give visitors more relevant search results. If a person does a search for a particular product on a search engine, then he will end up getting many results which aren’t relevant to his search. On the other hand, a business directory will have categories that will allow him to fine-tune his search. This relevance allows the consumer to be matched up with the business he wants to find.

Better Sales Ratios

Visitors who frequent your business via a business search engine are more likely to buy the goods or services you are selling. This is because the visitor has read the description to your site and specifically selected your business out of the other businesses that are located on the directory. Now contrast this with results from a search engine and you can immediately see the advantage. Visitors who come to your site via a search engine may have found your site based on a more general search. They may or may not be your target demographic.

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Link Building

One of the prime advantages of listing your site on a business web directory is that it allows you to build relevant incoming links to your business. As many of you may already know, link building is one of the building blocks of any SEO campaign. Having more relevant incoming links allows your site to rise in the search engines and draw in more customers. Better search engine results and more customers results in more business for your organization.

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Simple Ways To Improve Memory

Simple Ways To Improve Memory




Are you seeking ways to Improve Memory? The human mind is undoubtedly a wonderful tool but memory is a skill that can only be cultivated with some practice and a lot of patience. Anyone wanting to improve memory can learn memory sharpening skills and problem solving techniques with only a little effort. 

No one actually has “bad” memory. The problem is that people unknowingly end up developing bad memory habits as early as infancy itself. Because of bad recall habits, people often face problems during examinations, interviews and other circumstances that require efficient memory. 

Many people believe that they possess a poor capacity to remember facts, information and experiences in life. However, many ways and techniques, which can be applied at any age, aid in memory improvement. In fact, improving memory is just a method of modulating certain personal habits in order to practice skills that can help in strengthening recall power. 

If you are also looking for ways you can improve your memory then the best way to start is by visiting the improvememoryhub.com. By visiting this website, you will be able to draw the maximum advantage of the free memory improvements articles, videos and resources. The website features interactive and skilled audio techniques that can help those suffering with problems of memory loss. 

Who would not like to sharpen his/her cognitive function and improve their ability to retain information? Memory improvement techniques are endless and it is very important to effectively navigate through these techniques so that life becomes even easier thereby increasing brainpower. 

All of us know that neither memory loss nor the ability to improve memory is dependent on age. Regardless of your age, you can successfully improve your memory. Below are a few ways that can help you to improve your memory. 

Proper Diet and Sleep 

It is very important to have a highly nutritious diet that is rich in minerals and vitamins. Following a proper diet and adequate sleep is also extremely important. Both these things help to optimize learning abilities and keep the body healthy. Diets rich in fruits and vegetables have been proven to improve brain activity. 

Stay Organized 

Staying organized helps in reducing stress and simplifying life. Staying clutter free will help you get rid of trivial matters. You will be able to channel your mental energy and focus on things that are more important. Staying organized will also increase your ability to retain more information. 

Exercise Your Brain 

In order to function at a high level, our brain needs adequate exercise. It is extremely important to keep the brain active and give it enough opportunities to grow. You can involve yourself in crossword puzzles, Sudoku and in playing strategy games such as chess or checkers. 

Use Brain Foods 

According to studies, certain food items help in improving memory. Some of these items are grapes, apples, blueberries, onions, whole-grain puffed rice, spinach, curry, orange juice, nuts, dark leafy vegetables, fish and caffeine.


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Are You Struggling in Your New Internet Marketing Business?? This could be part of the reason why…

Are You Struggling in Your New Internet Marketing Business?? This could be part of the reason why…

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The big online income earners are no different from you and me

We look at all the online success of average everyday people who are no different from you and me, and wonder….

Why the heck am I struggling in my business?

Then, some crazy junk starts chattering in our heads about our lack of success. We get frustrated and begin to beat ourselves up. If you are trying to start up your own business I’m sure you know what I’m talking about.

What you need to remember is this…

Where you’re at in your business is right where you’re suppose to be my friend.

What you need to remember is this…

The struggle is part of the journey… and the story.

You see, new internet marketers try to avoid particular stages of building a business that is necessary to go through on our way to success.

Want to know what are “they are doing”?

We see huge incomes and immediately we want to know what “they’re doing”. With this thinking, however, we miss the things these big income earners did the previous 90 days to achieve the success we’re now seeing.  We want to try to do what they’re doing and not what we should be doing, which is doing what “they did” the 3 months before the big success.

A little tidbit for you my friends….

Success in internet marketing is less about business and more about LIFE.

Success is less about business and more about strengthening your mental game.

All veteran marketers know this… that it’s harder to go from $0-$10k, than it is to go from $10-$20K.

Stay in the game.

Here’s what you need to do…

1- Be okay with where you’re at in your business right now and don’t get down on yourself.

2- Be willing to do what the successful income earners have done all the previous months before their success.

3- Remember, you can achieve so much more than your mind is achieving at this phase in your business…

4- it comes from sincerity… from a place of passion… and heart.


Hope you enjoyed this article on are you struggling in your internet marketing business.  If it brought you some value, please comment or tweet below!!


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