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How Viral Marketing Improves Online Efficiency


How Viral Marketing Improves Online Efficiency





Viral marketing is a promotional strategy that has been in use for quite some time and has transitioned over onto the internet quite successfully. The strength behind this particular advertising technique is in its ability to help businesses spread their marketing message a whole lot faster and with less effort. In this way it helps to not only boost your exposure but also your ability to work much more efficiently as well! 

Here are 3 significant ways in which any online business can expect to benefit by using this particular promotional strategy. 

Time Efficient 

Typically this advertising technique involves little more than sharing your marketing message with a relatively smaller crowd who then spread the word. Working online offers the advantage in many cases of automating your efforts even further resulting in greater savings of time! As any entrepreneur will tell you time is money and therefore a precious commodity that should be used wisely! 

Cost Efficient 

In most cases advertising in a viral manner online involves distributing free reports or leaving business links at social site, forums, bookmarking sites or even blogging. In every case there is little or no out of pocket expenses making this advertising technique very cost efficient! 

Energy Efficient 

By leveraging the efforts of others you are able to channel the energy you have saved into other areas of your business. As an entrepreneur this is extremely important since most functions and/or business tasks are left up to you to complete. Avoiding fatigue in this way helps you maintain a mental alertness that can be use in more constructive and creative ways. Your mistakes will be minimized and your ability to produce more and stay motivated will benefit as well! 

Remember when fatigue does set in your ambition will naturally decrease and as mentioned above and you will be more prone to making mistakes. What happens here is that not only do your miscues create business inefficiencies but they also require more time and effort later on to fix! 

The biggest advantage viral marketing offers a business or person is its ability to leverage the efforts of others to spread your marketing message. When this advertising technique is put to use online the benefits it offers magnify due to the automation and global audience the internet can supply!

The single biggest advantage this promotional strategy offers is the increase efficiencies a business can experience as reviewed above. It therefore stands to reason that if you can increase efficiency you will also boost productivity with Viral Marketing thereby leading to greater sales and profits. With that said there seems to be little reason as to why you would not want to include this very effective promotional strategy into your online marketing mix!


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Just What Is Traffic Cipher? An Insiders Analysis…


Just What Is Traffic Cipher? An Insiders Analysis…



Traffic Cipher has become a common topic of discussion within the arena of internet marketing and network marketers. 

The marketing landscape for web-based marketing and internet home business industry has changed considerably with the heightened scrutiny of Google, Yahoo and Facebook for marketing affiliate products or business opportunities with the PPC platform. 

Don’t keep all your eggs within just one basket? 

Whether you are brand new to online marketing or currently have been around the game for some time, right now there has been a great lesson learned about relying on only a single source for all of your traffic. 

This has led more marketers to take a look at their options and expand their traffic sources. One traffic source that has been in place since the creation of Google is Search Engine Optimization (SEO). 

SEO gives you a highly profitable source of traffic to websites, but quite often is ignored due to the opinion of being complicated, time consuming and slow to be able to notice results. 

The designers of Traffic Cipher Ferny Ceballos and Raymond Fong of SEO Networker are fully competent of speaking to the complexity and technical specifications that SEO can entail. Fortunately with regard to people who do not have Science and Engineering degrees, SEO no longer needs to be a mystical science of confusion for you? 

Strategy of Attack? 

When it comes to taking advantage of the free traffic from search engines, having a game plan you are able to win with is vital. Being aware of the playing field and rules of the game with Googles search engines is a essential element regarding the puzzle to your success. 

Are you searching for a good SEO education that is able to share the knowledge and testing that has already been applied in the Home Based and Network Marketing industry. 

So many SEO trainings require you take the material and adjust to it to your niche market. If your niche market is MLM, Network Marketing or Home Based Business it is so much easier to follow along having content that is actually appropriate to your niche. 

Build Intelligently 

Another misunderstood area of opportunity when it comes to Search Engine Optimization will be the structure and layout of a website. Creating a website to be optimized for your market requires a completely distinct approach versus merely placing content on a website hoping that the searchers and search engines are matched up to it.

Learning the framework of precisely how to set up your websites and content on your website will mean the difference of several visitors per month to thousands of visitors per day. If your objective for creating a website is to find leads for your business or make sales of products this advice of site structure is a true lesson any online marketer needs to fully grasp. 

The Keys? 

Get this right and the keys to online success are yours. The keys being alluded to here are the Keywords. Every searcher on the internet is matched up to content based on the keywords they entered in the search bar.

Determining the best keywords pertaining to your market is generally a pretty obvious process for most people. For instance in the Home Business market it would be obvious that anybody searching for “Home Business” Information would be a searcher that could be a potential visitor to your website. 

The problem with obvious is this, if this is obvious to you then it should really be safe to assume it is obvious to each and every other website that is seeking to get on page 1 for the “Home Business” Searcher. 

Definitely discovering the free resources, and knowing just how to interpret what Google and the searcher are looking for is the main difference between competition or domination inside a large market. 

SEO is actually a proven time tested source of traffic that cannot be pushed aside for the Online Home Business and Network Marketers. 

Don’t be fooled there are no magic bullets or behind the curtain tricks to applying this highly rewarding traffic source. Collecting good functional information on exactly how SEO is executed will prove to be a priceless marketing strategy that is going to result in greater website presence, visitors and potential sales.


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Discover A Web Traffic Report

Discover A Web Traffic Report





How do you get a web traffic report for your website? There are several free sites and paid services that can help you with this and they vary widely in terms of what they offer and how much they cost. In order to get them up and running, all you need to do is copy a code that they provide you into your website pages, which allows you to keep track of your visitors. 

Some “stat counters” include Google Analytic, Free Stat Counter, Stat Counter, Website Hit Counters, Free Hits Counter, or others. These offer a basic traffic report for either no charge at all (if you don’t mind adding a sponsor to the traffic counter that they place on your website) or for a small fee if you exceed a very large amount of visitors per month. 

You can also hire someone to manage this aspect of your website. An analytic service can give you valuable data about the traffic on your site. Not only how much traffic you get, but where you get it from, how you find it, which pages are being visited, who are repeat visitors, which visitors convert to sales, and more. Either way, many web analytic  services provide very useful web traffic reports with information such as the amount of unique visitors to your site, or breakdowns of traffic by geographic location, pages viewed, referring websites, etc. And many services also offer reports on what terms visitors entered into their search engines, (Google, Yahoo, or MSN Bing), in order to arrive at your site. They can even report on technical information about your site’s visitors, like what browsers or operating systems they are using. This information can be very useful for web designers. 

Certain stat counters go even further, allowing you to really segment your visitors. So, for instance, they may offer reports that analyze only visitors that came from a particular referring site, or only visitors that arrived at your site through a particular advertising campaign, or only those visitors who made purchases. You may even be able to get an in-depth look at how each visitor pages through your site. 

If you have an online business or e-commerce site, you can have your traffic broken down into certain steps, like “who filled out a registration form, who put something in their shopping cart, who got the the checkout page, and who actually paid for the product or service. You can also use an analytic service to track how well your PPC (pay-per-click) ads or doing or how well your email campaigns are going so you can make decisions on which ones to use more often. 

If you go even one step further, you can invest in a web analytic service that not only provides you with the data, but also tells you what to do with it. These types of services not only offer an advanced and detailed web traffic report, but also the coaching and consultation that you might require.


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Why Small Business Success Eludes Many Entrepreneurs

Why Small Business Success Eludes Many Entrepreneurs




Even though working online offers few barriers in terms of cost for aspiring entrepreneurs many people still struggle with achieving small business success. You would think with all the internet business opportunities availability that more people would find success online but sadly this is not the case. What is it that seemingly makes it so difficult for the internet business entrepreneur to reach their goals of finding success online in their chosen niche? 

Here are 3 significant factors that contribute to the difficulties faced by many when pursuing internet business opportunities:

Passion Blinds Reality 

Having passion for what you do is a tremendous asset however it is possible that it can also prohibit you from being more objective in your decision making. Some internet business opportunities may be appealing because of your own personal interest but do not always assume the marketplace shares in your enthusiasm! Your preferences are yours alone but as a business entrepreneur your focus should be on the profitability of your efforts. If demand is not there or even on the decline you need to redirect your efforts elsewhere! 

Lack of Resources 

Now financial resources may not be as much an issue when working online however time and your own skill sets do need to be considered. Remember there is only so much time in the day and how much of that you can dedicate to your internet efforts is solely up to you. It is important to be mindful of what it is going to take in time to achieve success online so do not establish unrealistic expectations. If you can not dedicate or manage the time needed you are setting yourself up for failure. The same goes for your skill sets, if you do not possess the necessary skills to get the job done, once again do not position yourself for needless stress and frustration! 

Lack of Managerial Skills 

As an entrepreneur you will likely be responsible for carrying out and completing most if not all the tasks involve in the operation of your entrepreneurial endeavors. Here you will need to determine what needs to be done and when, along with the best way to complete the task. Without prior managerial experience this is an undertaking that can prove to be quite challenging! Here too without the proper planning and implementation needed you are not likely going to achieve the success online that you expect! 

Achieving small business success online is much more realistic than offline opportunities available due to the lack of financial restrictions. As true as this claim is however the typical internet business entrepreneur still struggles with reaching their goals. With all the legitimate internet business opportunities available you would think this would not be the case. As it turns out however finances alone are not the only hurdle people need to overcome. There are 3 other significant barriers, as discussed above, that commonly keep people from reaching their objectives. In most cases these factors are attributed to a lack of ‘managerial’ experience that leads to making the wrong assumptions or decisions that contribute to online failure. Knowing of these potential barriers in advance however offers any ambitious business entrepreneur the chance to address and successfully overcome them.


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Copywriting Conversion Tips

Copywriting Conversion Tips



  1. The first  copywriting  conversion tip is use power words.
  2. Don’t talk about what you do. Talk about why the customer needs you.
  3. Focus on your benefits, not on what your prospect will lose if they don’t use your product or service.
  4. Before writing any of the real copy, write down the benefits and solutions your product/service provides.
  5. Write for scanners, not for readers. People skim. Nobody really reads every word you write online.
  6. Bullet points and ordered lists help a viewer recognize important points and skim better.
  7. Format your text to highlight something.
  8. Pictures are worth a thousand words. Especially the ones that come with graphics and text, like infographics.
  9. Cut to the chase. If you can say it in a 100 words, don’t take 200 words …
  10. … but even so, the more content, the better. More content (notice: NOT more word count, although the two are closely related) equals more perceived value, which leads to higher conversions.
  11. Ad copy that asks questions get a higher CTR. Example: 27% of elderly America is afflicted by rheumatism. Are you gonna have cranky joints when you’re 60?
  12. When you write copy, think of your site as a whole — don’t write and optimize page-by-page.
  13. Verbs should be your focus, not adjectives. Accelerate your income Make your income grow waaaay faster.
  14. Use “youfreeinstantlybecause, and new“. A lot.
  15. Tell a story. A funny one that engages viewers and connects with them.
  16. Write in the second person (YOU get benefits, not WE provide benefits).
  17. A little humor never hurt any copywriting.
  18. Every word you write should have a purpose. Every word on the page you’re reading right now has a purpose, excepting this one.
  19. The first headline that comes to mind usually isn’t the best one. Draft at least a few good headlines before setting on any one.
  20. Numbers in headlines work fantastic. which do you think is better?
  21. Surprise them. Look — there are 1.7 billion pages of content on the internet. If you don’t surprise your readers and somehow catch their attention, there’s little chance they’ll convert.
  22. Be specific. This health program will decrease your body fat by 47%! Or, better yet: See how Michael went from 32% body fat to 11% in just THREE weeks!
  23. Curiosity converts the visitor. Leave them on the edge of the cliff — to learn whatever they need to learn to satisfy their curiosity, they’ll have to convert (this also works for headlines).
  24. The “about” page of your site needs to be one where you showcase your personality more than anywhere else. Visitors judge your company by your about page.
  25. Use a Topic: Reveal More About the Topic formula when writing headlines. Example: Big-Time Beginner Marketers:  25 Million-dollar CEOs Under 25. 
  26. Using multimedia in your blog posts increases engagement by 21%.
  27. Long-form copy converts better with higher-quality leads … sometimes.
  28. Plan all your pages of copy before writing any single one.
  29. Use some of the same copy as your sales letter in an e-mail to your list. It’s called congruence.
  30. Use “add to cart” — not “buy/purchase” now. Since “buy now” denotes more of a commitment, viewers are less likely to click.
  31. Longer blog posts get more shares on social media, links from authority websites, and higher rankings on Google.
  32. Black text on a white background beats white on black any day. Human eyeballs are used to black on white — there’s no reason why they should adjust just for your site.


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