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How to Increase Your Website Leads Without Increasing Traffic


How to Increase Your Website Leads Without Increasing Traffic



Most business owners want more traffic, but most don’t realize they might not need more traffic. I have talked about this many times on this site, but online marketing comes down to two components;

  1. Traffic
  2. Conversions

If you have an effective website, it should be generating your website leads automatically. If you are generating at least 100 website visitors a month, you should be generating 3 – 5 leads from your website each month. If not, you might have a website conversion problem. Website conversions are the website traffic that becomes a lead and/or customer.


If your conversion rate is low (1 – 2%), more traffic is going to be a waste of money and time. I recommend focusing on getting your conversion rate to around 5%. So, for every 100 website visitors, your website should generate you 5 leads per month.

Most business owners don’t have a traffic problem, they have a conversion problem. Adam Dukes

4 Proven Ways To Increase Your Conversion Rate

Typically, it is easier to double your by improving your conversion rate, then it is to double your traffic. There are many ways to improve conversion rate, but I will touch on the basics. Neil Patel published an excellent article about this last fall, 9 Ways to Boost Your Conversion Rate on a Shoestring Budget.

     Here are 4 proven ways to increase your website’s conversion rate;


1. Communicate Your USP – You only have a few seconds to grab the users’ attention. A strong USP can build instant trust and keep them on the site longer.

2. Simplify your home page – What benefits does your product or service offer? What is the outcome when using your product or service? Explain the benefits you provide, not the features.

Most small businesses make the mistake of talking about themselves on the home page on their website. Your home page should be simple. Think of it as a “door” to the rest of your website. If it’s about the visitor, chances are they will stay on your website longer.

3. Use video – Dropbox used video on their home page and increased conversions over 10%.

4. Set up a sales funnel – Are you asking for the sale to soon? This is a very common way to kill conversions. Some people are not ready to buy just yet, they might only be in the “research” stage. Offer them a piece of helpful content in exchange for their name/email address. This step can be automated, also a very effective way to grow any business.


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7 Common Obstacles to Online Business Success

7 Common Obstacles to Online Business Success


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Online business success tends to elude many and for varying reasons none of which can not be easily overcome. The typical business entrepreneur entering the internet ‘arena’ generally have little or no experience building a business or even being their own boss! Although lacking experience is not enough to keep you from being successful online more problems can arise and compound themselves when you factor in the distracting internet environment!

Here are 7 common obstacles that tend to increase the difficulty for many of becoming successful online when they are building a business:

Info Overload 

One thing about the internet is that you will never be at a loss for finding new information on any subject imaginable. The problem with this is that when building a business you need to be focused on what it is you are trying to achieved and not allow yourself to get distracted. Believe you me the internet can easily distract you with everything it has to offer!

Lack of Direction 

As mentioned above focus is very important when working online and this also means you need to know what to focus upon. Without a plan or definite set of objectives you will find yourself ‘floating’ aimlessly chasing after many opportunities but accomplishing nothing! As in life, in order to be successful online you need to have some sort of direction since without it you are lost!
Lack of Passion 

The importance of having a certain level of enthusiasm or passion for what it is you are doing can not be talked about enough. This passion will bring with it plenty of energy and motivation that you are going to need since it will take some time to establish yourself! Many people lack this and therefore seem to ‘fizzle’ out after a short period of time.


As a business entrepreneur you will have many decisions that will have to be made and quite often they will need to be made quickly. The internet is a dynamic and fast paced environment that presents many changes and opportunities. Your ability to think fast and move even faster will be a major factor in the degree of success you experience. Indecision on your part will result in many lost opportunities and plenty of frustration.

Business Inexperience 

In most cases people working online did not start out with a lot or any previous experience as entrepreneurs. Knowing how to develop a plan of action and also how to manage yourself and time are key assets in order for you to become successful online. None of these ‘skills’ are difficult to learn but they can not be overlooked since in doing so it will makes your efforts all the more difficult and the results less rewarding.

Negative Influence 

It is very important to surround yourself with positive minded people who share the same interest as you. Critics, skeptics and people who in general are afraid to take a chance at anything will be the first to tell you it can NOT be done! They live in fear of another person who succeeds at something they are not willing or motivated to try therefore they will be a source of negative reinforcement. Building a business is hard enough so you do not need people like this making you question yourself all the time!

Easily Discouraged 

Earlier on we spoke of the need for having a passion for what you do and this is a major reason why. The results you are looking for will likely not occur overnight so you will need to continue applying effort and be patient. The thing about failure is you do not really fail until you actually give up and getting discouraged easily tends to make you quit your efforts before you experience success.

Achieving business success on the internet comes with some inherent but minor difficulties that can be overcome. In most cases the problems usually can be traced back to an overall lack of experience at building a business or even managing yourself. In either case the average business entrepreneur is quite capable of learning what they need to know and acquiring the needed experience. On the other hand when you consider the distractions that the internet environment presents, these minor problems tend to get magnified!

The discussion above reviews 7 common obstacles online that result from these ‘conditions’ and as you can see none of them are insurmountable! It boils down to your own ambition and desire to become successful online and if this desire is strong enough these obstacles can be easily overcome!

I hope this article brought you some value.  We appreciate your feedback and look forward to you commenting below.

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Online Success Means Ignoring the ‘Needless’ Clutter

Online Success Means Ignoring the ‘Needless’ Clutter


Achieving online success and ignoring the needless clutter is a way that will allow for you to earn a full time income begins with managing information overload and other internet distractions. As an entrepreneur you need to routinely take measures that will help you increase productivity thereby giving a greater chance for business success. The very first step will be in curtailing or eliminating those needless activities things that chew up your valuable time.
Right away here are 5 areas that must be correctly managed in order for you to increase productivity thereby increasing your chances for business success! 


Unless you are awaiting an important email that is of relevance to your business there is little reason to be spending valuable time going through your in-box! This is no different than waiting till you get home to check your mail box at the curb. Whatever is in your email can wait till later when you have scheduled time to review your in-box.


Much like email you can and should ignore the phones until you have time later to respond to any calls that require you to do so. In this case must phones have caller ID so this is even more helpful to help you limit your ‘phone’ time. By receiving or making needless calls you are cutting into your work time and this is no way to increase productivity.

Social Networks 

Even though social networks can be used in a productive manner for business success online you MUST learn to use them wisely. It is way too easy ‘burn’ hours at any social network site without accomplishing anything constructive. If you intend to use these sites for business than discipline yourself to limit your time and to plan exactly what it is you want to achieve before you even log in!


Get your office or work area squared away so you know where everything is located before each day. In fact you should have done this before you even started your business. By being organized like this you will avoid needless distractions when trying to locate something thereby making it easier to maintain your focus.

What is Next? 

This is something you should never have to ask yourself since EVERY day should be planned out beforehand! Working online you will find ‘time’ is your most precious asset therefore learn to ‘coordinate’ your use of it in advance! By planning each day and week, in advance, you will increase productivity will decreasing your frustration! Plan your work then work your plan!

Online success can be very hard to achieve due not only to the information overload that comes with working on the internet but also our own ‘time wasting’ habits. It can be very easy to allow distractions or bad habits to sabotage our own efforts to increase productivity. As entrepreneurs there will be many responsibilities that will need to be address in order for business success to be realized therefore you must be as productive as possible. 5 areas that can commonly ‘burn’ significant and valuable time are discussed above but yet they can easily be managed with a little effort. It all simply comes down to discipline, focus and a desire to succeed all of which is something you can and will need to develop for business success to be yours!

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Maximize Your Resources for Success Online

Maximize Your Resources for Success Online


The success online you experience is in most cases a by-product of a journey involving experimentation and personal growth. An internet marketing business has access to not only a global audience but an ever growing array of tools and resources upon which you can build your business! Sometimes however the tools and resources we have available to us can go grossly under utilized. In most cases the cause for this can be traced to not fully employing the use of our own creative resources! Simply stated tools or any other assets are only as good as the person using them! If they are not put to work, they will never work for you! The same goes for building an internet marketing business, if you do not fully use what it is you got in terms of resources, the process will be more difficult and your results will be less!

Here are 3 compelling benefits you can experience when tapping more fully into your own creative resources when working online! 

Use What You Have 

Quit looking for the latest ‘silver bullet’ because it does not exist! There may be new tools available to help you build your business but are you getting the full use out of what you already have? Look for new ways to leverage your current resources and you may discover there is no need to be looking for new ones! Remember many before you have achieve great success with their internet marketing business without the use of the tools available to you so you know it can be done!

Learn From Leveraging 

The more you use what you already got the more likely it is you may find new uses as well! Stretch your thinking and tap into your own creative resources to help you better leverage your current set of tactics and tools! The best part is you are already familiar with how to use what is currently in your marketing tool chest so this will spare you any additional time needed to learn anything new! It is all about being resourceful and whether you are aware of it or not you do possess the capability!

Discover New Needs 

By thinking in a resourceful manner you are using your own creativity and once this is awakened and active it has the potential to produce many innovative ideas! The more you delve into what you have, to push the ‘limits’ the more likely you are to discover an unfulfilled need, demand or void to address. You may even ‘birthed’ a new niche which is yours to further explore and capitalize upon! Do not ever underestimate the power of your own creativity in helping you build your business!


In most cases success online is more a result of properly utilizing of all available resources to build your business. More times than not however the most under utilized asset we have is our own creative resources. By exercising a little more creativity when developing our internet marketing business we tend to make better use of the tools available to us and in many cases even find new uses for them! In addition thinking more expansively also helps bring new and unexplored opportunities into focus as discussed above. Working online exposes us to many tactics, tools and techniques that if used correctly can tremendous accelerate our marketing efforts. It is important to remember however that our most important asset is our own creative resources. This ability to think creatively further allows us to make greater use of the tools to which we have access. It is not about what you have but how well you use it!


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