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Online Marketing: A Checklist for Struggling Businesses

Online Marketing: A Checklist for Struggling Businesses


For the past several weeks,it has been posted topics ranging from social media optimization to creating headlines for business blogs. We understand that most of these topics are overwhelming when taken individually, which is why we created the below checklist to help online marketers get their content strategies back on track for those struggling in business & avoiding burnout.

Social Media

Creating social media from scratch is one of the more challenging aspects of content creation. It’s essential, of course, especially when platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ are capable of pushing your content out to more readers and potential converts (i.e., site visitors who sign up for newsletters, buy products, or perform any other pro-marketing action).

The first step for all of these profiles is to create accounts. Next, you need to fill out the various info sections (links to sites, “about us,” etc.) and use a profile picture that emphasizes brand awareness.


  1. Post links to original content and info relating to your business on a daily schedule.
  2. Intermix “marketing posts” with outbound links to related articles, infographics, visuals, and anything else that could generate follower interaction.
  3. Find pages, groups, and organizations that align with your business. Share their content when appropriate.
  4. Like, share, and respond to followers at all times.


  1. Start by posting several tweets a day with relevant hashtags and links.
  2. Follow industry-related businesses, organizations, and professional Twitter handles on a regular basis (Note: Your “Following” and “Followers” should be even).
  3. Repurpose Facebook-style content and don’t be nervous posting anything that comes to mind (as long as it’s appropriate for marketing).


  1. Emphasize the profile creation and make sure all open fields are filled out.
  2. Like FB and Twitter, add professionals and other businesses into your circles.
  3. Use G+ as a sounding board for the rest of your content, but make sure the posts are original.


Blogs are where everything happens. Whether you have dedicated pages on your site or run a blog through a WordPress platform, these are much different than everyday websites. For one, you always need to be creating posts. What kind of posts? Anything that is interesting, entertaining, and related to your business and marketing campaign. Here are a few tips for getting a blog rolling:

  1. Start by posting twice a day. One can be shorter, perhaps commentary on a trending news article, but the other needs to be highly informative (like a how-to) and lasting.
  2. Actively monitor comments, follows, likes, and re-blogs. Your first wave of followers will help your business blog reach new readers.
  3. Organize content into pages and comprehensive lists.
  4. Every post needs to be shared through social media.

Now, a few pieces of advice for maximizing the effectiveness of every post:

  1. Headlines need to be attention-grabbing and tease at what readers will learn.
  2. Use links to increase authority and exposure to other websites.
  3. Multimedia is a refreshing way to break up big chunks of content. Use pictures, videos, infographics, charts, and even cartoons to illustrate your articles.
  4. Always have a call-to-action or “About the Author” section at the end to help readers “learn more” (i.e., visit your business’ site).


Company websites are what tie blogs and social media together. Without a solid website, businesses lose out on a huge chunk of marketing potential. Every site is different, of course, especially when businesses hire outside contractors to create them. Even so, businesses need to be on the lookout for a number of market-friendly tools, including:

  1. Obvious social media buttons leading to Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.
  2. A news-style section that links visitors to dedicated blog pages.
  3. A completely filled out About Us and Contact section.
  4. Easy-to-use navigation bars.
  5. A landing page plus a home page (one is for selling; the latter for explaining what a company does).


We hope you enjoyed this article on “Online Marketing: A Checklist for Struggling Businesses“.  We appreciate your feedback.  Please comment below or tweet.


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