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It’s Time to Try Taxbot!

It’s Time To Try TaxBot


Excuse me. 
Can I have your >> ATTENTION << please.

THANK YOU…. now please read the following…

People, People, People… hear what I am telling you.
For your sake and for the sake of your financial future.
When you join our company Wake Up Now, the FIRST thing you should be doing is installing TaxBot onto your phone, hooking up ALL your banking accounts, and quickly and easily adding ALL the tax deductions you’re ENTITLED to as a new business owner. All with a few taps of a button.

For ANYONE out there who’s been sitting on the fence, or if this is your first time seeing this, understand that TaxBot is only ONE of the many products you get when you join Wake Up Now. There is also WUNfinance as well to help you manage and save even MORE money. Plus… there’s a TON of other products you get as well. But I’m simply talking financial software right now.

Look up… at MY personal savings so far this year my friends. This is just MY personal business. My husband Mark is also using TaxBot to track all of his expenses for his Jack Sparrow business! We use it for our Etsy business as well as my WakeUpNow business.  If you have a small business, you NEED this!  It will be come your BFF!  I’m serious.  Your Best Friend FOREVER!

People, I don’t care if you EVER make a single sale in the company and simply join and save yourself THOUSANDS of dollars. If so, that’s your prerogative. But… understand that I just saved 11.8 YEARS of monthly payments SIMPLY buy using ONE product that you get. I’m sorry but if you are not seeing this and understanding what this means… then that’s OK too because TaxBot has an entire video library to walk you through EXACTLY how it works. 




Stop throwing money out the window. Stop struggling in what ever it is you are currently doing and Talk to whom ever has introduced you to Wake Up Now, message them, call them, drive to their house and tell them “Holy Shnikees… I had NO IDEA that’s what it did! Quick… get me started NOW!!” If it’s me… then message me. I’m here FOR YOU!

Still on the Fence?????
I hope this helps someone you get off the fence. I know it’s helping me to build a new one, around my new pool, behind my new castle. Lol! 

If you’re hot and ready to get TaxBot right now, then click here.  Don’t wait any longer.
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Life Is About Evolution

Life Is About Evolution



If you truly want to be a person of influence you first have to embrace evolution. Wisdom will always let you know that fighting change is definitely a losing battle so it is imperative that you move towards being a more evolved enlightened human being. One of the great principle of life is stated this way; “Freedom and happiness are found in the flexibility and ease with which we move through change.”

If you truly want to transition or transform from someone who moves through life unconsciously to a person who becomes the wealthy individual who’s completely aware of and completely at ease with all things around him or her then you must embrace change. It doesn’t matter at all where you are from or what you’ve done in the past, you’re never trapped in any circumstance, relationship, cycle, or situation unless you say and/or believe you are. It’s always better to take each and everyday and treat it just as it is; a new day with new opportunities to do what’s right.

If you’re at a point in your life where you realize you’re going in the wrong direction which means you’re producing the wrong results then simply in most cases do the opposite of what you’re doing right now. Trust me this will make a world of difference and you’ll almost see small and/or big result quickly. I know this is easier said then done but when you add courage and persistent practice to your constant thought pattern that’s saying “it’s time to make the necessary changes” then I’m absolutely sure you’ll make great progress in living a more happy and fulfilled life.

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How to make the best out of any Mailing lists


How to make the best out of any Mailing lists






Mailing lists can be a great way for businesses that are driven by results, to see their hard work quickly pay off and their desired results achieved. Information on consumers and businesses that are ideal prospective clients is gathered and stored in a database. This database is regularly run through NCOA and stringent quality assurance procedures to ensure that it contains the most accurate information available. Mailing lists are then complied from the information in the database. Mailing list brokers are services that provide mailing lists to businesses. Mailing list brokers are able to keep the best, most accurate databases and are able to save your business the time and resources that this complex process can consume. It also frees up your businesses employees to concentrate more on the actual marketing aspect of the campaign. 

One of the major conveniences of mailing lists are the fact that it contains consumers that are more inclined to be interested in your businesses product or service. You can choose to select a mailing list of only consumers that is your ideal client. This selection can be made using thousands of demographic selects, such as age, income, gender, home market value, interests, and spending habits. 

Using the above information your business will be well on the way to building a mailing list that is customized to your needs. A customized mailing list will save your company money since you are deploying your message to only consumers that are interested in your product and are more likely to turn into solid leads, and buying customers. 

Tips to use graphics in your direct mail marketing campaign: 

Using pictures in your direct marketing campaign always helps. They generally pull more people in to the direct marketing campaign than without pictures. However, there are a few rules to follow when using pictures. 

-Avoid using pictures of yourself or the business founder if the picture is old or low quality. Make sure the photographs are professional looking and relatively up-to-date. In order to be respected and seen as an expert, you should not use a photo that undermines that idea. 

-Avoid using a photo that makes you look too young. Youth may often be praised, but looking inexperienced will not help you gain trust. Including this image on your website or direct marketing campaign may cause you to lose potential sales. 

You should not turn people away from your products or services because your photograph on a direct marketing campaign is a distraction. Make customers feel comfortable and trusting by providing a professional picture. Otherwise it might be time to choose a different picture. 

Investing in Mailing list for your business: 

Cold calls and mass mailings are an ineffective and expensive marketing approach. Sending irrelevant information to people who aren’t interested in your products or services is a waste of your company’s time and money. 

The most effective way to find leads for your marketing campaign is by purchasing a mailing list. With a mailing list, businesses can direct their marketing efforts toward consumers that have expressed interest in their product or have been interested in similar products. 

Mailing lists allow businesses to target specific businesses and individuals. Mailing lists can categorize people based on a variety of demographic situations, such as location, value of property, buying habits, income, and age. 

Don’t waste any more time trying to find out who fits into your target audience. Instead, use a mailing list that has accurately compiled that information. Then your business can focus on creating sharp campaigns that will generate interest and profit growth.


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   All Struggling Online Marketers!!

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