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Adgrabber: Featuring Sharon Remeikis

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Here at we are very proud to  announce our Members Business Opportunities. Today we are giving a shout out to Sharon Remeikis  of Maryland, New York., wishes Sharon much success in her ongoing and profitable business venture.  If you would like to message Sharon..just click here.

Sharon Remeikis


In 2011 Mrs. Remeikis founded a National Internet Marketing Firm located in Baltimore, Maryland.
Mrs. Remeikis wanted to give back
to other small business owners in the community in offering local Internet Marketing Services. As a business owner herself, Mrs. Remeikis learned quickly the struggles that other business owners were having in their day to day operations in running a successful and knew she could help lessen the burden and offer quality Internet Marketing Services which include Search Engine Optimization, Local Search, Social Media, Web Design to mention a few services at
a more reasonable price than other companies that in some cases were charging twice as much for the very same service.
“You have to change with the current market conditions in order to attract potential clients while offering value and quality services at a more competitive price in order to be competitive.”
Feel free to contact EZMobileAds.Net if you would like to improve your overall bottom line. If we can help your business, we will.
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Sharon Remeikis

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10 Lessons From The 10 Most Influential Content Marketing Brands

Content marketing is a tough nut to crack. According to a report by the Content Marketing Institute, 93% of B2B marketers use it—but only 36% consider themselves effective content marketers. was recently named one of the 10 Most Influential Global Brands by LinkedIn—along with top media companies like Forbes and The Wall Street Journal. We figured this would be the perfect opportunity to dig into how these top brands stay ahead of the content-marketing curve.

1. Know your audience

“People are talking about content marketing as the next big thing, which is what the same people were saying about social media five years ago,” says David B. Thomas, Senior Director of Content and Engagement at “For me, they are part and parcel of the same philosophy: listen to your customers, understand what is important to them, engage with them in a human voice and share useful and interesting content that helps them solve their business problems.”

The most successful content-marketing brands know exactly whom they want to reach, and they craft strategies to connect with each audience segment in a meaningful way.

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2. Listen up

As Dave points out, it’s not enough just to know your audience; you also have to listen to what they’re saying (and when you do, you’ll get to know them even better). Use a social media listening and engagement platform to set up alerts for the company or industry you want to target, follow prospective customers and industry leaders on social media, and keep up-to-date on industry news.

3. Engage authentically

Content marketing, just like any good media strategy, is a two-way street. In addition to listening to your audience, you should be engaging with them in meaningful ways. According to Forbes (which ranked #1 on the Influential Brands list), that can mean leveraging platforms like Twitter to enhance your customer service:

“Whether you’re managing an international brand like Nike, or a local deli, it’s important to say thank-you to every follower who asks a question, has a problem, or gives you a compliment. Some will respond back, and others will retweet your response simply because they want to show their friends that you’ve engaged with them.”

4. Meet your readers where they are

If you take nothing else away from this article, take this: You cannot be all things to all people. Don’t expect to be their top destination for social interactions and thought leadership and corporate news; be aware that your readers may be going to different places for each different piece of their content buffet. And that’s OK, as long as you have clarity about the value you can offer and your method for attracting audience.

5. Know yourself

In-house content teams have a wealth of resources at their disposal, and at companies like HP, IBM, and, many of the top minds in a particular industry are easily accessible. Be conscious of your niche advantage, and use it as a platform for thought leadership.

6. Be “newsy”

Anyone who’s taken a journalism class knows about the “inverted pyramid”—a story structure that puts the meatiest, most important information up front, then provides backstory. In a busy world, most readers want to know up-front what they’re getting—and they want it to be new and different from what they’ve already read or seen that day. Don’t make them work too hard to get valuable information out of your content.

7. Measure, measure, measure

Without the data to prove it, you’ll never know if your content strategy is working. Most companies should know where their traffic originates and which of their readers eventually become customers. If you don’t have this data, get it!

8. Iterate constantly

Content marketing is still a relatively new field, which means there isn’t a set playbook for what works and what doesn’t. Give your content team the freedom to try new approaches, and make every moment a teachable one.

9. Invest in content

In order to excel at content marketing, your company needs to allocate resources toward creating and distributing high-quality content. Whether this means hiring brand journalists or thinking carefully about how content complements parallel operations, it’s worth putting time and money into crafting your content strategy.

10. Amaze and delight

Once you’ve invested in a content team and strategy, there’s no reason your brand can’t offer content that sings . Microsoft’s magazine-style profiles make company employees look like rock stars, and its Twitter feed tends more toward inspiring photos than product information.

“If you don’t have anything interesting to say, it doesn’t matter how many channels you share it in,” Thomas says. “We’re not just guessing about this stuff. We do a lot of analysis that shows us what kind of content our customers want. They want content that teaches them something, something that will help them be better at what they do.”

This article originally appeared on the blog.

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Our mission in the Think and Grow Rich Daily Mindset call every morning is to help people learn the principles to fulfilling their life’s purpose.  Some people are clueless to what that is, yet wants to live a life of financial freedom, a life of good health & wealth abundance; they want to have peace of mind but cannot seem to get out of their own way.  We will help and show you the way! We are a group of like minded entrepreneurs from all over the world in dedication to the study of the Laws of Success and the Laws of the Universe. Why… because we know it works and can prove it!!  There are hundreds of us on the call daily. Most of us went through the school of hard knocks but we know now that we did not have to if we knew the secret & principles at the time.  But we want to remain there. It is not only a one time achievement  but a whole new way of  thought process.  A life of abundance that is your birthright and was rightfully yours at the time of conception   Because we did not know any better our thoughts throughout the years brought us to the exact place where we are today…  If it is a good life, that is wonderful.  If not than you should know why this happened and correct it.

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