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Welcome, to the Virtual Marketing Empire MasterMind Study!

If you are reading this it is because someone you know invited you!

VME is looking for 17 dedicated internet marketers that possess the drive to succeed!


What if we said we are willing to give you for a FREE tool as a special gift to you valued at $370.00???

What if we told you that this $370.00 valued tool would bring your home based business opportunities more exposure and raise your SEO rankings instantly the minute you started to use it?????

You would say, “Yeah right, what’s the catch?”  (which means we sparked your interest!)

Sure, nothing is for free! We all know this, However, because we are offering this tool valued at $370.00 as a special gift to you for taking part in this MasterMind Study, there is something we are asking for in return.

We ARE asking only those of you that are dedicated and serious to participate!

We ARE asking only those of you that are not afraid to give their two cents!

We ARE asking only those of you that have over 1500 followers/friends on Facebook!

We ARE asking this of you so we know that you really really want your internet business/home based business opportunities to grow and you can live a freedom lifestyle!

All we want in return is for you to take part in a 5 day simple study.

Step 1.) Copy & Paste the following on your facebook fan page/timeline every day starting 2/28 through 3/4/1 at the following specific times: 9am 12:30pm and 6pm.

“Did you create your profile in ADGRABBER yet?? You can promote your Home-Based Business Opportunity in there at No Cost!! Check it out> “

Step 2.) You must tag the word” AdGrabber” in each post (using the “@”symbol directly in front of the word “Adgrabber” in the ad.)

The Study is this:

Objective: We want to make our home based business marketing platform at its best!

The more people that you drive traffic to our site, the fastest the site raises SEO!

The more people you drive to our site, the more exposure all the AdGrabber members receive!

We want to see how much higher our rankings in Google and Bing and Yahoo can reach within a 5 days span.

Because you are a dedicated internet marketer and you are serious, we are willing to give you a special tool valued at $370.00 for FREE because you took part in this study!!!

Are you ready for it??

Our AdGrabber MASTER TRACK Membership Absolutely FREE!

master track image

There is nothing in”BETA”, there is nothing to figure out! We did it all for you!

All you have to do in order to receive this gift to you is conduct the study above and we will issue the link to you on March 5th so you can start creating your AdGrabber Master Track Profile.

Start getting more exposure and get your home based business opportunities noticed!

If you are interested get back to the person that sent you here and tell them yes! Study starts tomorrow 2/28!

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