The Worst Mistakes To Make On Social Media

The Worst Mistakes To Make On Social Media


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This is a quick tip, but it’s a very important one. You’ve likely noticed that your social media apps allow you to log in with more than one account. Simple users only have on Twitter account, but when you’re taking your business to the internet for more exposure, you’ve probably created a Twitter account specifically for it. You’ve got business and personal matters getting too close for comfort.


  • Review what you post before you send it off into the internet. Once it’s there, it’s as good as permanent no matter how quickly you delete it.
  • If you post something inappropriate and you have amassed an audience, you’d better be ready for the backlash.
  • Always, always, always double check to be sure what account you are posting to.

Using social media for business is a lot of fun, but you will realize that your tone is very important and you don’t want to say anything that could cause people to form an incorrect opinion of your business brand. For most people, there’s a huge difference between who they are and what they want their business to represent. Branding is important, so the way you speak online is going to say a great deal about what happens behind the scenes.

Always be aware of what you are posting. If it helps, you might have two cell phones, one for person use and the other for business use. The business phone can be the one that remains logged into social media business accounts so that you make no accidents when posting updates and photos. You wouldn’t want to confuse people when they suddenly see a picture of your grandmother on your business’s Instagram account.

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