Valentine’s Day is Here, Now What?

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Valentine’s Day is here!

What are your plans? Authors of the popular book, Flirtexting, Debra Goldstein and Olivia Baniuszewicz have teamed up with Bing to offer tips for planning the perfect Valentine’s Day. Here is their Top 10 list of fun activities to do that day if you’re single or if you’re in a relationship…

If you are single…

1. Throw an Anti-Valentine’s Day party with your single girlfriends: Cook dinner, play Taboo, do a wine tasting, have a dance party, do a Sex and the City or Gossip Girl marathon and enjoy some girl time with your awesome friends.

2. Not into staying in? Grab a few of your girls or boys and hit up a singles mixer or just a bar in town. You can find the local hotspots right from your cell phone using Singles are always more open to love connections or even just to have fun that night. Plus, they usually offer free beverages and a chance to meet someone new outside your circle of friends.

3. Pick up that hobby you’ve been meaning to try: learn to cook, try a spin class, take a guitar lesson, dust off your Rosetta Stone and learn Russian (you never know).

4. Finally go pay your family that visit you’ve been meaning to take (they are your loved ones after all). Out of state and out of mind – BUT you can find the best travel deals on with their price predictor.

5. Take a page from your high school days and prank call or text your guy friends for some laughs.

6. Netflix a season of a hit T.V. show and finally catch up on what everyone’s been talking about.

7. Start that book you’ve been wanting to read. Make hot chocolate, grab a blanket, curl up on the couch, and read it cover to cover.

8. Reject romance and embrace the funnies. Go to a comedy show. Studies show laughing helps relieve stress and improve our health and outlook on life.

9. Get organized! Not the most exciting option, but you’ll be surprised how much cleaning out your closets, updating your address book, or finishing that photo album, will eliminate added stress and chaos in your life.

10. Spoil yourself with the things you love! Go to the movies, get your nails done, eat an ice-cream Sunday, order a slew of food from all your favorite restaurants (Chinese, Indian, sushi – nothing is off limits) and grub out on your favorite dishes, get a massage, buy a new outfit. It is Valentine’s Day after all – who better to spoil than yourself?

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Make it a great day! Happy Valentine’s Day!

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